Lousiana's Own World Champion - Paul Giambrone Shooting Clinics

Paul “L.P.”Giambrone, III has been involved in skeet shooting over 20 years. During that time, he has put together 20 perfect 400X400s, 5 of which were perfect 500X500s, 13 World Titles, and numerous major HOA championships across the nation. Paul is now offering his knowledge of the game to others and would like to help you take your game to the next level. Paul has worked with students who have never picked up a shotgun before to AAA shooters that have been involved in the game for many years. No matter what skill level you are, Paul can help you learn more about the game and become a better shooter.

Whether you know it, you own the one of the best shooting tools ever created.  It is the fastest computing mechanism on the face of the earth, and it resides just between your ears.  That’s right, it is the ole’ noggin.  Your brain can manage and process multiple layers of data faster and accurate than any computer ever created, and for all of you scientists and techies, I am aware of the “Roadrunner” supercomputer, but indulge me with that last statement.  With around 100 billion neurons in the human brain, just think how many times those babies are firing off in a single second.  Without telling it to do so, your brain is managing blood flow, heart beats, oxygen levels, balance, hearing, thirst etc… all day every day of your life.  How many calculations are done in that single second?  I am not sure there is an exact answer, but I think you get the point.   Take a moment to reflect on what you ate for breakfast.  At minimum, your brain just painted a mental picture of exactly what you ate, what it looked like, and how utterly delicious that bacon tasted.  Did you tell it to do all of that?  I am thinking, probably not, but in less than a second, you had multiple thoughts and pictures painted for you. (read more...)