David Kees started shooting sporting clays in April of 2009 when he found Hunters Run Gun Club in Port Allen. He accelerated to a Master-Class shooter in January 2011. His strong desire to win and constant drive to get better- make a consistent threat to any shooting competitor. David trained with some of the best shooters in the country (Bill McGuire, Bobby Fowler, Dan Carlisle, Brad Kidd, and Anthony Matarese) to propel himself into the Master Class division.

After leaving college in Washington State in 1996, David worked as a commercial fisherman on a seining boat in Valdez Alaska. After that, he went to work for the Sherwin Williams Company in Seattle Washington as a business manager.

In 1999-2001 David worked in Memphis Tennessee with world Champion, and Champion of Champions duck caller and duck call manufacturer- Buck Gardner. David was a pro-staff member that trained daily to compete in the World Champion duck calling competition held in Stuttgart Arkansas. He also worked as a professional duck hunting guide and spent 3 duck hunting seasons as a pro-staff member traveling between Tennessee, Arkansas, and Missouri filming professional duck hunting videos.

Upon moving to Baton Rouge in 2000, David owned a manufacturer’s representative business that represented numerous manufacturers- hunting, fishing, camping, police supply, and shooting supplies. After 4 years in the manufacturer’s representative business, David began his restaurateur career and owned and operated his own restaurant/café for 8 years. At the end of his restaurateur career, he owned and operated a total of 4 locations.

David’s vast experience in the outdoor sports, food service, business management, and professional shooting- make him a valuable resource for Hunters Run Gun Club, GSHR Gunsmith Shop, and McGowen Barrel Outlet- all now operating at Hunters Run Gun Club. David uses a systematic approach to management and shooting- which have brought him much success in both areas. David also teaches sporting clay lessons with his spare time, with the equivalent of a Level 3 Instructor. David is very excited and optimistic of the opportunity to work for Hunters Run Gun club. He says he is “a shooter” first, and an executive style manager-second. Meaning, he has spent several years training in shotgun sports, while entertaining many a club member with his uplifting sense of humor. If you don’t personally know David, make a point to meet him, and you may have a friend for life!