Our newest member Colleen Gable has the bug and skills. She has taken to shooting clays like a duck to water, and if he isn’t careful, it won’t be long before she is posting better scores than her husband, Brad!

Gun Mount is for Everyone!

If you are like me, you became hooked, addicted, and enamored with shotgun sports the second you pulled the trigger, and whether, your game is trap, skeet, or sporting clays, we all come to realize that it is a real addiction. I truly believe that the addiction is in our DNA, and to prove this point, just look at the people that you shoot with. You felt it the first time you pulled the trigger, and you have seen it in new shooters. The look in their eyes after they smell that gun powder for the first time is priceless, and so begins their journey. Some of us are content with shooting for fun, but for the rest of us, our innate desire to master our selected discipline is a full blown addiction that no twelve step program can cure. We read the latest articles, we buy the best equipment, and we pay for expensive lessons. For most of us, it is never enough, so how do we improve faster and decrease the learning curve?

Some say that there is no substitute for shooting at least 50,000 targets, and while I agree, I truly believe that shooters can improve their game if they follow a few simple rules. Keep in mind, I am not a certified level 1, 2, or 3 instructor, nor have I won any major tournaments; however I am is a keen observer of the sport, human nature with a little experience in competing with shooters of all levels, so the following ideas and tips have probably been published many times before. Just like shooting the pair again, reading these tips again and again and again, definitely won’t hurt your game.

Keep in mind, improving your shooting is a little like killing fire ants. The minute you think you have the problem solved, another hill pops on the other side of the yard, so I want to start with a practice that every shooter, no matter their skill level, should do daily at least as often as brushing your teeth. Practice your Gun Mount!

Most accomplished shooters take their mount for granted, but I assure you, one slight deviation from a good mount, and your partner is marking you with a “0” on the card. Take 5 minutes a day to exercise your muscle memory, after all, I am sure Tiger Woods didn’t become one of the greatest golfers by admiring his clubs every day. He swings them every day, and so should you…well at least mount your shotgun, and if you ever get to swing Tiger’s clubs, I sure could use a nice 5 iron.

Pick a spot on the wall, and with an empty gun, both eyes open, mount the gun focusing on the spot, and then close one eye to check that you are “spot on”. Sorry for the pun. Repeat the process for several minutes until you can mount the gun with both eyes closed and still be “spot on”. Your muscles retain the movement, and won’t let you down. If you shoot a “move, mount, and shoot” method, then simply use the line where the ceiling meets the wall, and move along the line while mounting the gun. This will help you to develop a very smooth consistent move into the gun.

Consistent proper gun mount will place the shotgun in the right place for your eyes to break the target every time! We spend a ton of money in our endeavor to break the perfect score, so why not spend a little time instead. I guarantee you will begin to see better results almost immediately.