GaitWay provides equine assisted therapeutic horseback riding for children and adults with physical, mental, and emotional disabilities and learning differences. Whether caused by the crisis of illness, the trauma of accident, or the injustice of abuse, GaitWay is the source of hope for children and adults with disabilities. GaitWay meets the needs of disabled individuals who seek therapeutic activity they cannot find elsewhere.

GaitWay delivers therapeutic horseback riding opportunities which emphasize individual attention in a manner that challenges disabled riders to reach their highest possible potential and rewards their efforts. The goal is to help each rider achieve the maximum independence his/her circumstances will allow. Medical benefits aside, once our rider’s mount their horses they leave the bonds of their disabilities behind and enjoy interacting in a world that they could not otherwise be a part of. In addition, the horses bring an unconditional love and cooperation to the partnership. The relationship among disabled riders, GaitWay certified therapeutic riding instructors, and special therapy horses are the catalyst to miracles in our rider’s lives. GaitWay’s program is about children and adults who are able to reach beyond the confines of their disabilities because of the intervention of this special therapy team. The riders will be stimulated physically, mentally, emotionally and socially through GaitWay’s teamwork.

Congratulations to our members Joe Beaud, Darryl Loup and Mike O’Keefe!

Joe, Darryl and Mike performed superbly at the Louisiana State Skeet Championship. Joe posted a perfect 100 to win the .20 ga. championship event while Darryl shot 97 to win the .410 ga. championship, and Mike posted a perfect 100 to take the .28 ga. championship. Additional congratulations go to Dale Klein. Dale is relatively new to our club and shooting, but that did not stop him from winning 1st in E class. Way to go guys!

Great shooting…..and hope you always have 3 on 8!